Code Structure
Code Structure Guideline for TradeBakerZ
Code that we have written is available in the src folder. Images and Icons are available in assets. Remaining code was generated by ReactNative repository.
TradeBakerZ -> src -> actions
All payloads of information that sends data from your application to your redux store.
TradeBakerZ -> src -> components
All components used in the app.
TradeBakerZ -> src -> services
Helper methods to create APIs for WooCommerce websites.
TradeBakerZ -> src -> Routing
All the routing required for the app
TradeBakerZ -> src -> Reducers
Specify how the application's state changes in response to actions sent to the redux store
TradeBakerZ -> WooCommerce
All configurations and setup files of the app that can be customised or modified.
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